Delivery Policy

Revised on 06/01/2016

Michigan Dutch Barns is committed to providing the very best service for all our customers. However in order for us to do this it is important you take a few moments to read this policy in order for us to better serve you.

Site prep requirements:

1. Site must be clear of all debris. MDB will not set a building on brush, trash or in tall un mowed grass. It is important for the delivery person to be able to access all four sides of the building. We are not responsible to move obstacles on or in the path to the site. Please have these items cleared prior to our arrival.

2. Site must be level. We will not level any building where the ground falls more than 12" from end to end or side to side. It is the customer’s responsibility to validate the slope. Please remember the longer your building the more the fall will be magnified. Example is if your ground falls 1" in 1’ and your building is 30’ long your fall from one end to the other will be 30". Our general leveling policy is as follows:            

          a. 0" to 6"/ blocking and leveling is provided free of charge.

          b. 7" to 12"/ blocking and leveling will be provided for an extra cost $75.00  ( This fee will be due and payable to  the driver at the time of delivery)

          c. Beyond 12" MDB WILL NOT LEVEL for liability reasons. In this case customer shall be responsible      for leveling his/her own building.

          d. For building larger than 200 sq. ft. we highly recommend a site prepared with a limestone base or concrete to insure longevity of life for your new storage unit.

3. We will allow our driver 1 hour from the time he arrives until the barn is leveled. This is a very liberal time allotment. In most cases where the above conditions are met it will take less then hour. If our driver is detained for any reason beyond his control the customer will be charged at the rate of $75.00 per hour rounded to the nearest hour. If driver is turned back due to unfit site conditions customer is liable for all additional charges.
4. It is the customer’s responsibility to check for low hanging telephone and electric wires. A minimum of 14’ of height is needed
5. It is the customer’s responsibility to check for low tree branches leading to the site. Please remove branches in question prior to our arrival. Failure to do so could result in a charge as described above.
6. It is the responsibility of the customer to monitor the conditions of the site. Weather can sometimes make delivery impossible. It is the responsibility of the customer to remove any snow from the site if delivery is to be attempted in the winter.
7. MDB is not responsible for damage done to customer property due to weather conditions or tight delivery conditions. By the same reasoning, damage done to the unit being delivered shall not be the responsibility of MDB.
8. We delivery with a 4 x 4 Pick up Truck with an 18’ trailer. While this delivery system is much more versatile then conventional equipment, sharp turns in tight places are impossible. Paths that are 4’ wider than your building width will be considered adequate. Sharp turns require more. Please provide sales person with a detailed site map marking all buildings, trees, flower beds, shrubbery, etc. that would obstruct in the delivery process. For pictures on how our delivery system works, log onto our web site at Your sales person will explain the process and help you determine the best way your building should be loaded. All deliveries unload from the rear of the trailer.
9. Our dispatch department will call you a few days ahead of the actual delivery and arrange for delivery date. Payment in full is expected at the time of delivery.
10. All building, zoning and variances permits shall be the full responsibility of customer unless other wise noted.
This policy paper supersedes any previous written or verbalized policies.

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